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Getting started

  • Demosite
  • Join the perp-developers list and introduce yourself! Most discussion, news and solutions to problems show up there first. The list is not just for coders, but for anyone who has an interest in making pERP even better.
  • Browse the code perp_inventory for code examples, as it has the best and most consistent style. As for actual code formatting, the rules are the same as for eGroupWare.
  • There are some genuine objects that I created for when things get particularly complicated that should be looked at. Most importantly, perp_ledger.GLTransaction is used for any financial transaction. It enforces balanced transactions into the General Ledger. Associated with it are perp_ledger.GLTransactionLine, perp_ledger.BankTransaction, perp_ap.SupplierTransactionLine and perp_ar.ClientTransactionLine, which support extra data in the associated ledgers. Other objects, such as perp_ap.PurchaseOrder are used when there is a lot of complexity surrounding something. Permissions on PurchaseOrders can get interesting.

The full Developer Documentation is in the Developer Documentation section.

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