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Adding an Employee

To add a new employee, or to populate the staff list when starting out the HR application, click the New Staff button at the bottom left of the Staff List.

This will open the New Staff entry page:

New Staff Page.png

The Name and Title fields are open text fields (max 20 characters)

  • First name - Given name (do not use nicknames here)
  • Middle Name - Given name
  • Last name - Family name
  • Title - Employee position
  • Department - select from the list of departments entered in step # 7 in the setup sequence. It is important that the department structure be set before you start entering employees.
  • Location - If the business operates at multiple locations with central payroll, select the location where this employee works. There is no provision for split locations (where an employee works certain days or hours of the day at one location, and on other days or times at a different location)

A new staff page ready to save:

New staff filled.png

When you click Save, the following actions will automatically take place

  1. A new employee record will be generated
  2. A pERP account will be created for the employee, with access privileges appropriate to his department.
  3. The account will come with a unique User ID and password. You must contact the system administrator to have this information provided to the employee.


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