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    More accurately, automatic purchase order generation, but that's the time consuming part anyway.

    This was one of the most requested enhancements in the October 2009 survey. The code has been in SVN for a while, so those who are running off SVN trunk are welcome to set it up and check it out.
    There are two methods available: the simple Min/Max, and a more complicated method that supports lead times and changing demand.


    On October 13, 2009 Blue Falls Manufacturing suddenly downsized its IT Department, immediately laying off all employees who were directly working on projectERP. I cannot give the reasoning behind this decision, because I do not know it.

    What does this mean for projectERP users? Not much. projectERP works well, and has been successfully implemented by several other companies around the world, and is currently being evaluated by many more. There is already extensive documentation at several levels, and the user documentation covers a lot.

    Unfortunately, with no-one being paid to work on projectERP, this will obviously affect future development, documentation efforts, and the amount of support available. Without a corporate sponsor to direct and pay for development, projectERP will still continue, but at a volunteer pace. I will continue to fix any significant bugs that are reported. I will also continue to be active on the developer's mailing list, giving assistance and coordinating as I am able. New features may continue to be added on the basis of merit and time. Tom Gray, who was writing our extensive user documentation, now writes for (, so completing and maintaining the user documentation on the wiki will now be entirely up to the community.

    Our immediate plans for the future are to continue to improve all aspects of projectERP, with community contributed training videos and a file release that includes the many improvements made over the last 6 months.

    Nathan Gray
    Project Lead

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About pERP

project ERP is a group of third-party applications for the eGroupWare project, providing accounting, inventory, and manufacturing support. It aims to be as seamless as possible in its look and feel, and with its integration with other eGroupWare applications.

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