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Previous systems required a lot of manual re-entry of data, and spanned many different systems. It also required heavy use of spreadsheets, which were not tied into anything, and were usually hiding on someone's harddrive. Purchasing was isolated, Sales and Customer Service didn't know what was in stock, inventory was misplaced. The only way to know the status of something in production was to walk out and find it. Each order that came in, by phone, fax or from the internet ordering site had to be re-entered into the accounting system.

Project ERP aims to deal with all of these limitations. Using state of the art communications protocols, orders from the internet will be directly entered. Once an order has been made, shipments can be scheduled at the click of a button, and all the forms created. If product has been ordered from a supplier, but has not arrived, Customer Service can find out when it should arrive. Purchasing can monitor inventory levels, at all locations, and reorder as needed. Remote machines can update the status of production as the goods progress.

pERP's bill of materials system allows you to save time, effort and complexity by re-using subsystems in multiple products. The manufacturing options allow simplification of customizable products, so each combination of features or colors no longer requires a separate bill of materials. Several hundred different combinations can be reduced to the simplest sub assemblies and combined as needed.


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Constant Computer Services.

General computer services business.


Hardware sales, software support, software development.

Others considered include Myob, webERP, Openbravo, and PostBooks.

pERP was chosen in part for it's usability, and ability to be customised, but mostly because of it's integration with Egroupware.

Hopefully others see this as success, as it's a real good thing for me at least.

I have an IT business in Queensland, Australia. I work by myself, but do get some graphics, and programming done by others from time to time. I use EGroupware, and pERP to basically run my whole business. And I can do it from anywhere there's an internet connection.

From 1 January 2009, All activity related to my business, will be recorded through perp. That's inventory, and sale of with sales orders. Customers are in addressbook, as clients, and also become a project, then timesheet is used to record service work with it's built in price list. At invoice time, any sales order/s or timesheet/s can be merged, and even have manual items added if need be. The fact that this all links with all the other egw applications that I use like Calendar, Notifications and Email, is really the icing on the cake.

Thinking that some "real" activity before 1 Jan would be good proof of concept, so activity until the end of December will be conducted with perp as well. Thus far, I have done service work for two customers on Friday 12 Dec, and emailed an invoice to one on Monday morning. I have been payed by direct deposit, and I've emailed a statement with receipt details. Worked like a charm, but the best is yet to come.

The other Friday customer, I went to see on Monday with the already discussed intent to investigate having him remotely access his egroupware install at his office, which, by the way, already had static ip. While I was there, we actually got this setup and running so I could login using my laptop and remote wireless. The main thing I showed him so he could see it working, was to login to my system at home. I run my business from home. I showed him all his regular stuff he could do, and also said hey, have a look at what I can now do as well with the ability to record and invoice on location. Look how good this is, I can put details of that bit of work on Friday for you in this timesheet thing with a link to your accounts receivable details, then do a new invoice to you with the timesheet item and print it right here on your printer. I grab the invoice off his printer, and hand it to him with a big cheesy grin. Worked like a charm. Just as I was finishing off, he nips out for five minutes to get fuel in his wife's car. I immediately thought, this guy's in a generous mood. So I did a quick timesheet item with link to accounts receivable, then did an invoice with that item, and printed it on his printer. That all took about 2 minutes with an existing customer. When he gets back from literally across the road, I said look how great this works, and handed him the invoice. Worked like a charm.

I have the ability to print in the car, but haven't done that yet, so maybe that's a story for another day.

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