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Please send your translation files into the tracker: with Component: Translation and Type: Patch

Translations should be in UTF-8.

  • There are words in the User Interface which I can't find in the Translators tool?
    • You have to open one window of the app in eTemplates and click on "Sprachdatei". Then a new lang-file is written with all the actual words.

Deutsche Ecke

This will be moved as soon as there comes also other languages.

Zur Einheitlichkeit ein Woerterbuch:

English German Russian
Assets Aktiva/Anlagen ??????
Liabilities Passiva/Verbindlichkeiten ?????????????
Equity Eigenkapital ?????
freight Fracht ??????????????
Purchase Order (ar:)Auftrag (ap:Bestellung) ????? ?? ???????
Shipper Spediteur (Transporteur) ???????? ??????
Shipment Lieferung (ap:Wareneingang) ???????????????
GST Number (Goods and Services Tax) UST Nummer
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